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Day 4

Today has been another pretty easy day as far as the diet goes. Today was also my pre op with the surgeon. I had a few questions that are unique to my situation because of my autoimmune disorders. He didn’t have solid answers. This made me feel good; no great!! You may be thinking ‘why would him not having the answers make me feel good’. With most medical issues things just aren’t black and white. This is much more the case with AI’s. He listened to my concerns and told me he’ll watch and be prepared for the possibility. Drs who understand how everyone is different, especially with AI’s, and doesn’t speak in absolutes are my favorite. Another day down and another week left. I’m getting really excited!

Day 3 Liver Shrinking Diet

Today was so much better than yesterday. I didn’t wake up starving and for the most part was just ‘kinda hungry’ at times throughout the day. I got a pre-surgery pedicure today and getting out, even for a short time, definitely makes the day pass quicker. Yesterday, to help with the hunger, I drank and drank and drank water all day. I ended up downing 168oz. Even though I wasn’t as hungry today I still managed to get in about 140oz. I’ve lost 8lbs in 2 days so I’m assuming the liver shrinking part is working since the body shrinking part is. 😉 Tomorrow is my pre op with my surgeon. I’ve made a list of a few last minute questions. Then, my pre op at the hospital is Wednesday. Before I know it, I’ll have a lot less stomach. All in all today has been a pretty good day. Here’s to hoping the rest are as easy.

Day 1 & 2 of Liver Shrinking Diet

Day 1 went great!! In all honesty, it was so easy I got cocky. Yep! I said it! I got cocky and boy has today been H.A.R.D!!! I’ve been so hungry from the minute I opened my eyes. *Note to self-sleep late tomorrow.* Anyway, my pre-op diet isn’t just liquids. I can have 2 protein shakes with no more than 220 calories with at least 10 grams of protein, 3 snacks of my choice of fat free yogurt, low fat string cheese or a piece of fruit; preferably one where the skin is eaten, 3oz of very lean meat, a cup of non starchy veggies and a piece of wheat bread. So, in reality this isn’t near what some of you went through but it is nonetheless hard. I’ve had 168oz of water to help keep me feeling as full as possible. I’m hoping to sleep later tomorrow because today has been a very long day! Tomorrow is a new day and day 3. Here’s to hoping it’s easier.



Today, I got the call I’ve been anticipating since June. My insurance approved the surgery and I now have a surgery date. November 28th will be a day to remember. I have a feeling I’ll celebrate this day as whole heartedly as I do my birthday!! From the time I got that wonderful call I’ve been bouncing back and forth between elation and paralyzing fear that produces the worst panic attacks I’ve ever had. I would catch myself smiling like a Cheshire cat thinking about how different my life post surgery/weight loss will be. Then the elation turns to “What if I can’t do this? What if I fail?” I’ll feel so stupid for removing most of my stomach and still being fat. Those thoughts manifest into physical symptoms of elevated heart rate, tightness in my chest, sweaty palms etc. I snap myself out of it and try to think of anything besides the surgery. This works for a few mins but before I know it I’m back in the cycle again. I am very excited for this opportunity but I am just as scared. If I were the betting type, I’d bet almost everyone goes through these same emotions. So, tomorrow begins the first phase in the process of changing my life. The wonderful liver shrinking diet!! I’ll update on that later.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey!😘